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China Tropical Lands Research
Degraded Lands of China: Problems and Opportunities
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Map showing the general tropical/subtropical region of South China
Degraded Lands: South China's Untapped Resource
A review of effective, fast-working Chinese innovations that could reclaim huge regions for farming while simultaneously reducing the threat of climate change.

An introduction to the adverse effects of land clearing on South China's tropical/subtropical lands.

Addressing the Problem

A short discussion of Chinese techniques used to reduce soil erosion on South China's degraded lands.

Planning Ahead

Goal setting for activities to improve South China's degraded lands.
Current Efforts
Though land damage is extensive in South China, examples exist showing where headway can be made in improving the environment and the economic opportunities for the farmer.
New Activities
New cooperative activities to be initiated in the near future.
Proposed Activities
Cooperative research activities currently under discussion.
1700s - 1800s Pearl River Delta degraded lands art

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