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NASA Releases Online Library on Risk Mitigation

NASA has produced a library of “knowledge bundles” describing how various technical problems that arose in the course of its space technology programs were successfully resolved. Last week, the library was posted online.

If you want to know how a solar array was repaired in orbit, or how an astronaut dealt with a punctured glove, the answers can be found here.

The NASA Knowledge-Based Risk Library “consists of subject-matter expert video interviews, white papers, articles, and presentations in order to provide an interactive and engaging way to identify and mitigate important risks relevant to HEOMD [Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate].”

“Compiling the database and making the videos took a couple of years, and then its creators had to get it approved for public release,” a space professional familiar with the project told Secrecy News.

“Aerospace engineers will definitely be interested in the database, but any space enthusiast who wants to hear stories about how NASA does troubleshooting of technical systems will find this accessible,” he said.

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  1. Great interesting info but poor presentation. No way to scroll down if your screen doesn’t fit their assumptions, among other issues.

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