Pacific Young Leaders on Disarmament Reach Major Milestone

This spring, the Federation of American Scientists, Emerging Science and Technology Policy Centre, and Pacific Islands Society announced the launch of the 2013-14 Pacific Young Leaders on Disarmament – a pilot project of the Young Leaders on Disarmament Program.

Since then, the inaugural class of young leaders has been hard at work learning about the difficult challenges facing the Conference on Disarmament. To do so, they turned to senior diplomats from the American, British, and Japanese diplomatic missions in Geneva to garner insider views. They also reached out to outside experts to solicit their perspectives.

From this research, the Pacific Young Leaders on Disarmament have produced their own series on the topic of “Is the Conference on Disarmament Still Relevant?” Their essays look at the question from both sides of the argument:

With the publication of this series, the participants will now embark on the second stage of the project. Leveraging their deeper understanding of the issues plaguing the Conference on Disarmament, they will author their own draft statements to the Conference on Disarmament.

Upon completion, these statements will be bound and delivered to the various diplomatic missions in Geneva that are members of the Conference on Disarmament next spring.


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