Call to Action: U.S. and Russian Relations

This week, members of a Congressional delegation are visiting Moscow to investigate the background of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Two members of the delegation, Republican Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher of California, and Steve King of Iowa, broke from their party’s anti- Russia stance and called for closer collaboration with Russian colleagues on matters of intelligence and counterterrorism.russiausflags

Mr. Rohrabacher said, “I would say both the Obama administration as well as the Republican administration before Obama — that we have allowed attitudes, maybe the attitudes from the cold war, to remain in place that have prevented a level of cooperation that is justified.”

FAS applauds Mr. Rohrabacher and Mr. King for their support of increased cooperation between the United States and  Russian officials in matters of international security, and their ability to look past Cold War thinking and work with Russia on issues of mutual concern. It is our hope that the support of Mr. Rohrabacher and Mr. King will encourage members of Congress to reevaluate their position on Russia and U.S. relations, including the reductions of nuclear stockpiles in both countries.

If you live in Mr. Rohrabacher or Mr. King’s district and would like to show your support for increased collaboration between the United States and Russia on international security concerns, we urge you to contact the offices of Mr. Rohrabacher and Mr. King and voice your support for their stand.

Mr. Rohrabacher’s office: 202-225-2415

Mr. King’s office: 202-225-4426

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