Technical Cooperation for Peaceful Nuclear Technologies: What are the Responsibilities?

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Today at the Department of State’s conference on “Atoms for Development,” I gave a presentation on the responsibilities for international cooperation for peaceful nuclear technologies. In this presentation, he recommends that the United States and other countries committed to improving the nuclear nonproliferation system need to use all the levers at their power to apply more rigorous nuclear safeguards.

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  1. Sir,There are many player on whom so called treaties are not applicable, as a individual or a small group sanction and all that hardly matter to them.Know how and material is freely available.Any arrangement to plug this hole.

  2. Nuclear safe Guard is right, We must explain to the public the differences of radium ore 228 and Uranium, being 1 million times more radioactive the uranium an the differences between Critical mass Hiroshima and Sub Critical mass thermal Nuclear – Hydrogen Gas Hydrogen or makable Hydrogen Deuterium Flouride can be made from at a Unregistered amount.
    There is over a quarter Million ton’s of uranium to be accounted in canada alone for the last 30 to 50 year’s.

    We depend on fear to the public, and a chance to weigh the differences on having Gemstones checked and Photographed by microscope for what Volcanoe it came from and date of Cutting the stone with history of system used. Cradle to grave and the study of Boron dopant Diamond’s. MBE amorurphous vapour deposited!

    We Nee the armored Vehicles in Public with radition Lab’s.
    The Sum of all Fear’s.

  3. ODNI takes 53 day’s response at 90 % issuea nd 2.5 million remain illusive.

    Douglas Glen Scott GAMMA – Intel UKUSA .UN

    Carbon Nanotube warhead Stellar Eagle .
    the Ceramic composition made up of Uranium linning’s in Crytstalline and metallic unlattice and lattice depositation of Radium #228 6.7 year’s weapon grade for stellar Eagle , the core is Uranium and the The similarities of a use of Berilium sphere as applicable.
    The Micro sized radium 228 and plutonium Mixtures below critical stages of spontaneous detonation ,Hydrogen , neon , Oxygen and helium gas canister’s
    Equivalent to varies in size 1 kilogram with 3 Kilogram uranium with Ceramic and meatalic Plutnium and synthetic Radium 228 for Warhead at Warp drive 3 to 8 missile capability 200,000 times the size of Hiroshima for defense of Cylon basestar lucifer Imposter of Computer similarity of Movie Johnny Demonic and Satan Android.
    Arrival depending on development’s of magnetic feild distortion capabilities and Orbiting slingshot menouverability 6 to 12 Year’s …,WOPR Tic Tac Toe , The Computer is freindly , the thing’s inside are not but Bodies is what they want.
    Subsectioned dilithium and radium SALT division Delta state 15.Military Space

    World must find Seed Crystal 228 UN Security Council payable in Billion’s in Securities portfolio’s and all registries with Gold Right’s , Plus Intellgence operations’ UN and NATO Douglas Glen Scott

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