FAS Podcast: Charles Blair, New Terrorism Analysis Project

Listen to a new edition of the FAS Podcast: “A Conversation With An Expert,” featuring Charles Blair, new Director of the FAS Terrorism Analysis Project. Topics discussed include details on the new Terrorism Analysis Project, the most threatening violent non-state actors, the Pakistan neo-Taliban, the motivations behind a potential nuclear or radiological attack on the U.S. from a violent non-state actor, and much more!

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  1. Thank you for your question Katheryn. No, the study will not explore chemical and/or biological weapon (CBW) threats. That reality is a product of the funder’s needs and the resources allocated. However, I do think that some of its general finding could be applied to CBW. The earlier study that was done–the one that identified the top radiolgical/nuclear (RN) non-state threats and the detailed profiles of, for example, the Pakistani Taliban–could, in the future, be used as a template for a similar CBW study as well.

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