Special Edition FAS Podcast

Listen to a special edition FAS podcast: “A Conversation With An Expert,” featuring the FAS President, Charles Ferguson. Topics discussed include the strategic short and long term goals of FAS, a preview of the new Earth Systems Program, an explanation of how FAS will cope with the 2010 philanthropy outlook, and much more. Enjoy!

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What FAS program should be featured next month?

Do you think the podcast should be longer?

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  1. This is feedback about podcasts generally. I am deaf enough and much prefer to read than to listen, so I hope you will always make it easy to find a transcript of the podcasts.

  2. I think that the podcast format is an excellent choice as it forces aside distracting visual cues and less than perfect production limitations to focus the listener directly on the discussion.

    In order for the podcast to be longer, the discussion has to carry a brisk pace which all presenters and speakers are not always capable of. That said, I think that Mr. (Dr. ?) Wright recognizes that and came across to this listener as able, competent, and sincere.

    The idea of a members only portal is a good idea, although it should not be available to all members. There must be a higher price point to interact with working professionals who need to stay focused and directed on their core competencies and not pulled away from what they were doing before an unqualified interruption in my opinion.

    My interest in the FAS organization involves scientific profiling of security risk using things like alpha numeric sequence permutations to screen large bodies of information on the web to create an indication process for websites and weblogs to be further screened. This is the domain of the National Security Agency and I am unaware if FAS and NSA are in regular contact with eachother.

    The values discussed in the mission statement were spot on, and the role of scientific methodology in policy making going forward with the proliferation of consumer electronics and personal computers can only be considered to be expanding and the FAS has an excellent opportunity to expand its reach into these areas.

    I dont know where to sign up for membership or what the financial requirements are for that but Im going to try and do so upon finishing this reply.

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