Advisory & Sponsor Boards

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members work with FAS staff on projects of mutual interest, share professional expertise, and provide other methods of support to enhance the organization’s mission.


Dr. Kavita Berger Associate Director, Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Dr. Dave Franz Vice President & Chief Biological Scientist Midwest Research Institute Dr. Jo Husbands Scholar and Senior Project Director Board of Life Sciences at The National Academy of Sciences


Dr. Rosina Bierbaum Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy University of Michigan Mr. Nathaniel Goldhaber Managing Director Claremont Creek Ventures Dr. Steve Hamblen Director, Environmental Engineering, Fairview Resources, LLC Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Ms. Jane Dale Owen President Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN) Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld Professor Emeritus, Physics UC Berkeley Dr. Valerie Thomas Anderson Interface Associate Professor of Natural Systems Georgia Tech College of Engineering Mr. Kevin Wang President PowerPlus Professional Cleaning Solutions


Dr. Paul Bracken Professor of Management and Professor of Political Science Yale University Dr. Edward Friedman Professor Emeritus Stevens Institute of Technology Dr. Martin Hellman Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering Stanford University Dr. Anita Nilsson Former Director, Office of Nuclear Security, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security International Atomic Energy Agency Dr. Julie Pullen Director of the Maritime Security Laboratory Stevens Institute of Technology Mr. Warren Stern Senior Advisor, Nonproliferation and National Security Department Brookhaven National Laboratory

Board of Sponsors

Members of the Board of Sponsors are influential figures from the science and international communities who endorse FAS’s mission. Over 60 Nobel Laureates serve on the Board of Sponsors.

Martin Chalfie* Stanley Cohen* Leon N Cooper* E.J. Corey* Paul B. Cornely James Cronin* Johann Deisenhofer* Carl Djerassi Sidney D. Drell Ann Druyan Xiangfeng Duan Paul R. Ehrlich Demetra Evangelou George Field Val L. Fitch* Jerome I. Friedman* Riccardo Giacconi*

David H. Hubel* Peter Huybers Eric R. Kandel* Wolfgang Ketterle* Nathan Keyfitz Ali Khademhosseini Brian K. Kobilka* Walter Kohn * Roger D. Kornberg* Leon Lederman* Robert J. Lefkowitz* Roderick MacKinnon* Eric S. Maskin * Jessica Tuchman Mathews Roy Menninger Matthew S. Meselson Richard A. Meserve

Mario Molina* Stephen S. Morse Ferid Murad* Ei-ichi Negishi * Franklin A. Neva Douglas D. Osheroff* Aydogan Ozcan Arno A. Penzias* Martin L. Perl* David Politzer* Paul Portney Mark Ptashne George Rathjens David M. Reif Burton Richter* Richard J. Roberts* Jeffrey Sachs Sara Sawyer

*  Nobel Laureate